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"A must for  anyone wanting deeper insight about how to improve relationships between men and women. An  immensely useful, timely and important contribution."

~John Gray, Ph.D.
Author of
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

"If you are committed to ending your part in the war  between the sexes, this workshop is a perfect next step for you."

~Patricia Simpson
Corporate Trainer
Los Angeles, CA

"This program was an empowering workshop of discovery  and affirmation of who I am as a whole and complete woman."

~Jane Brecker
Director of Organizational Development
Baltimore, MD

Professional Development
Programs for Women and Men

Why Select Our Professional  Development Series?  
Successful relationships are only possible in environments  where mutual respect and understanding exist. They result from commitment, compassion, and  above all, appreciation of the value of diverse contributions. These qualities are what  this Professional Development Program series is all about. So, if your organization is  committed to creating balance and harmony between all of the diverse groups that make  today's organizations work, this could be one of the most important decisions you make!


"the intimacy and effectiveness of this program  allowed me to explore issues I have never come close to addressing in almost 5 years of  personal growth."

~William Greyson
Advertising Executive
St. Louis, Missouri

"Many sensible things get said."

~Robert Bly
Author of
Iron Jim

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