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A Productivity and Time
Management Series

Enhanced Personal

In today's world of leaner, more effective organizations, the  competitive advantage is measured by how well executives are able to use available  resources and self-manage. For those who succeed in this area, the rewards are great: career advances, more  money, greater recognition and job visibility, increased self-confidence, enhanced  personal and job satisfaction, and a greater balance between work and personal life. These  are some of the reasons we designed Creating Effective Organization.

Enhanced personal effectivenessCreating Effective Organization
Evaluated by many of our clients as one of our most powerful  and effective training programs, this series of productivity and time management seminars  provides individuals with new management and leadership skills and dramatically improved  self-management and organizational competencies. Our own follow-up studies show that  application of Creating Effective Organization increases efficiency, effectiveness and  productivity by as much as 25%. Data collected by The American Society for Training and  Development shows organizations can expect as much as a thirty-fold return on investment  from this type of training.

Benefits of CEO WorkshopBenefits of CEO Workshop
The Creating Effective Organization (CEO) Workshop is about learning how to accomplish more and feeling good  about it. It is about learning how to lead more effeciently by communicating more  effectively and in the process, being able to  better meet the cost / schedule / performance challenges you face every day. You will do  this by learning to manage yourself and the people you work with more effectively and your  tasks more efficiently. This workshop is also about reducing stress and that  feeling of overwhelm that comes from the belief there is never enough time.

The skills you will learn are not abstract. Instead, they will help you do your job better and, in the process, integrate some primary themes we emphasize in  our work such as:

  • Urgent vs. Important
  • Advocacy vs. Inquiry
  • Task/Process/Relationship
  • Effective Communication

Key Competencies and SkillsKey Competencies and Skills

  • Maximize yourself in relationship to time.
  • Identify and organize around priorities.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Improve resource management
  • Enhance delegation.
  • Identify and eliminate time wasters.
  • Enhance your ability to identify, articulate and achieve  goals.
  • Learn to differentiate the 'important' from the 'urgent'  and to significantly reduce the latter.
  • Manage new levels of complexity without increasing anxiety.

Additional Themes

  • Balance your life - both professionally and personally.
  • Create a new tracking system for staying ahead of the game.
  • Create action plans to implement and actualize goals.
  • Develop ways to measure your success in each action  area.

Primary Segments

  • Managing Productivity
  • Exploring Limitation
  • Effecting Lasting Change
  • Making Things Happen
  • Developing & Practicing a Personal System


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