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Diversity and Gender Seminars
Diversity and Gender Seminars

These  innovative and highly relevant seminars provide our clients with powerful tools to address  and eliminate minority and gender issues. Avoiding the less-than-effective 'lecture and  information sharing' format found in traditional diversity and gender training, these  programs are dynamic, interactive, result in dramatically increased levels of empathy andunderstanding, and  provide 'experiential' practice in new relationship skills. In addition, they introduce  unique problem solving dialogue techniques that provide lasting benefits. People at all  levels of our clients' organizations report that these programs deal with real issues and  offer specific and effective solutions. A second category of gender work allows male and  female executives to work exclusively within their gender to develop understanding and  practical tools that address the substantial shifts in both rules and roles in the  workplace

 Stress Reduction & Wellness ProgramsStress Reduction & Wellness Programs
These one and two day seminars are at the  cutting edge in enhancing productivity and profitability. They greatly assist individuals  and teams in identifying barriers and developing new strategies that create enhanced  individual and team balance and performance. Participants report increased mental clarity,  greater physical energy, new levels of calmness under pressure, greater access to  intuition and insight, enhanced problem solving ability and increased balance, lower  levels of burnout, and greatly reduced levels of stress. Organizations report appreciably  lower attrition and down time. 

Scientific studies from Harvard and Columbia Medical School, The State University of New  York, New York Mutual Life Insurance Company, and others have found that use of the  practical techniques introduced in these programs produce results that, "stand out  far beyond other programs in their simplicity, absence of questionable concepts, and  rapidity of observable results."

Conferences, Speakers and  More:Conferences, Speakers and MoreIn addition to this broad range of consulting  and training services, we offer our clients support in planning and facilitating annual  conferences and industry symposiums and in creating media presentations. We also  facilitate on-site meetings and special sessions, design and execute a wide variety of  follow-up sessions to monitor team progress, execute Management Development Programs,  design and sponsor special speaker programs, and much more.

All of this is part of our Whole Systems organizational development model which assists  our clients in finding innovative, timely, and cost effective methods for producing  lasting change.


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