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Leadership and Team Development
Indoors and Out

This innovative series of leadership and team development seminars is designed to improve individual and team performance in interpersonal communications, effective problem solving, risk mitigation, delegation, mediation, and management and leadership competencies.

"There was a  remarkable turnaround coming out of this strategic planning and team development work. By  the end of the day you've learned a lot of things that you can apply-but because you've  used them real time, you've also learned from failure."

~Ron Symmes
Vice President of Operations
Hughes Space and Communications

Executed at sites close to a client's facility or at some of the most remote and beautiful locations in the world, these dynamic training experiences assist teams in:

  • building greater trust
  • dealing with ambiguity
  • overcoming false assumptions
  • sharing resources, developing collaborative work strategies
  • practicing trust based teaming 

These programs allow our clients to accomplish in days and at much lower cost what months of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars applied in traditional on-site consulting interventions cannot accomplish.

Strategic  planning, vision and organizational development sessions  results in better working relationships, new skills, enhanced  trust, cooperation, understanding and collaboration, clarified roles and alignment with  the vision.

Our Leadership and Team Development Programs assist  our clients to implement and communicate vision, core values, operating architecture,  strategic priorities and trust based teaming across the organization. This is where the  rubber meets the road. Through a variety of on and off-site programs people at all levels  are given an opportunity to understand what the new elements are and how to make them work  on a daily basis.

Follow through is essential. Organizational change  work must include a strong mix of practical experiential training and effective strategic  planning, scenario work, team development programs and comprehensive on-site  follow-through.


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