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Executive & Team Coaching

People Are Your Most Important Asset!

No matter how large or small your market share. Whether you are a traditional or digital company, attracting and keeping good people is your best strategic advantage.  That is why we have spent so much time over the last 20 years developing our unique system of executive and team coaching.  We know that tomorrow's high performers are not born, they are mentored, encouraged and developed by organizations who care enough about their own future to invest in their people's future.

Practical, powerful, personalized and performance driven.  These are four phrases that describe our InfoSystems evaluation and management development system.

Utilizing our innovative InfoSystems Management and Leadership Skills Assessment and our Management Development Action Plan as a starting point, we are able to provide your organization with some of the most impactful and relevant executive and team coaching available today.  In fact, we have found that assisting individuals and teams to maximize their leadership and management potential, learn new skills and contribute more effectively to the well being of the organization is a critical part of any sustainable organizational development and change program.  This program can be utilized on behalf of entire teams or on an individual basis with specific senior executives who wish to expand their leadership and management skills.

Our unique Eight Part Process

    1. On-site Introduction and Assessment.  As part of our whole systems cultural change programs, one of our consultants first meets with the coaching candidate or the team to identify the primary goals and desired outcomes.  They then reach agreement on the ground rules for the program and schedule an on-site session to assess the candidate's and/or team's primary leadership and communication style.  This session is also used to dialogue with the individuals at various levels of the organization with whom the candidate interfaces.

    2. Execution of an InfoSystems 360-Degree Management & Leadership Skills Assessment Instrument by a list of personnel provided by the candidate and the organization's Director of HR or OD.  This list should include at least 10 individuals who function as peers and direct reports to the senior executive being coached.

    3. Evaluation and analysis of the InfoSystems 360 Degree Management and Leadership Skills Assessment and preparation of a Leadership Profile by the Information & Training Company.

    4. On-site session to discuss the Leadership Profile Report and the observations made by the coach during the on-site assessment.  This session also involves the introduction of the InfoSystems Management Development Action Plan.

    5. Execution of an InfoSystems Management Development Action Plan by the senior executive.

    6. On-site and telephone review of the development plan and final agreement on steps to be taken by the senior executive, the timing and the metrics by which success will be measured.

    7. Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions on-site and by telephone designed to track progress on the execution of the Management Development Action Plan, debrief specific practical situations, assist in the integration of lessons learned and the development of new core leadership and communication competencies.  The frequency and duration of these sessions is dependent upon the recommendations of the coach and the progress made by the senior executive as determined by both parties.  Traditionally, an initial series of coaching sessions can last between twelve and sixteen weeks with at least one and sometimes two sessions per week.  This cycle will produce very clear and measurable results.  In some instances a longer time frame is needed.

    8. Re-testing and evaluation.  This is optional and can include re-adminstration of the 360 Feedback instrument, interviews with those people who originally evaluated the individual, and/or an interactive feedback session between the coach, the individual and members of their team.

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